Lucky Clays Fresh, Stanly County’s largest Aquaponics facility, is pleased to announce our upcoming Commercial Aquaponics Workshops. Having established our farming practice and retail business to local restaurants, Lucky Clays Fresh is excited to offer our first Commercial Aquaponics Workshop beginning February 2016. The workshop will be a 4-day course that provides participants with structured, practical training experience in Aquaponics – both commercial system design and construction, as well as maintaining a commercial system at full production. Participants will receive hands-on instruction from the Lucky Clays Fresh team and industry experts throughout the Southeast.

About Lucky Clays Fresh

At Lucky Clays Fresh, our mission is to provide a better quality, locally raised/grown fish and produce through an innovative farming method known as Aquaponics, and to assist in the education of finding sustainable ways to provide food to an ever growing population. Founded on a philosophy that places priority on a sustainable, symbiotic environment that is capable of naturally producing fresh food year round, our team is committed to refining our system designs, improving the quality of our fish and produce, and shrinking our footprint on Earth. Conveniently located between the tri-cities of Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC and Raleigh, NC, our products are Always Fresh, Always Local. Intrigued? Please call 1-855-858-5825 or visit our website at