Lucky Clays Fresh Greenhouse Manager, Bradley Todd, will be teaching a continuing education course “Introduction to Aquaponics” at Stanly County Community College in Albemarle, NC. The class will start in the Spring semester of 2015 and could potentially lead into the development of a curriculum based around aquaculture and Aquaponics. This partnership between Stanly County Community College and Lucky Clays Fresh will not only bring awareness to the greenhouse, but inspire young entrepreneurs to build a marketable culture for employment in aquaculture facilities. Todd is more than excited to begin teaching and hopes that his passion for what he does will encourage students to develop a career related to aquaculture and Aquaponics.

Aquaponics 101 | Introduction to Aquaponics | Continued Education Course

In this course, you will learn how innovations in Aquaponics benefit organic plant and fish productions in a chemical-free, healthy, and sustainable environment.  Lucky Clays was founded on a philosophy that places priority on a sustainable, symbiotic environment that is capable of naturally producing fresh food year round with no waste, no toxins, and no chemicals. They believe in the strength nature holds to produce wholesome food that truly nourishes our bodies.

An Aquaponics system produces a flawless, natural cycle in which a hydroponic system uses nitrates to break down fish by-products, providing nutrients for our vegetables. The clean water is then recirculated to the aqua-culture system, starting the cycle anew. 12 weeks | 1.5 hours each week – 18 hours total

  • Week 1: Introduction/Water Chemistry
  • Week 2: System Components/Fish Production
  • Week 3: Solids Filtering and Bio-filtration
  • Week 4: 1st Lucky Clays Fresh Visit for Fish Husbandry
  • Week 5: Hydroponic Subsystems and Component Ratios
  • Week 6: Plant Growth Requirements and Nutrient Dynamics
  • Week 7: Plant Selection and Crop Production
  • Week 8: 2nd Lucky Clays Fresh Visit for Plant Husbandry
  • Week 9: Pest Disease Control and System Management
  • Week 10: Fluid Mechanics and Approaches to System Design
  • Week 11: 3rd Lucky Clays Fresh Visit for System Design and Construction
  • Week 12: Putting It All Together