Fresh Philosophy

At Lucky Clays Fresh, our mission is to provide a better quality, locally raised/grown fish and produce through a sustainable farming method known as Aquaponics, and to assist in the education of finding sustainable methods to provide food to an ever growing population.

Farming doesn’t have to deplete natural resources. To that end, we are working to change the face of agriculture. Our Aquaponics system uses 90% less water than traditional soil based agriculture. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and the solution to countless issues facing farmers in today’s industrialized farming model. Our team is committed to refining our system designs, improving the quality of our fish and produce, and shrinking our footprint on Earth. Through continual Aquaponics research, we are able to incorporate the most advanced techniques into our system to produce the freshest, healthiest, chemical-free produce and fish on the planet.

There is nothing better than food that is local, clean, and naturally grown. At Lucky Clays Fresh, we grow just that.

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