UNC-TV’s story features a tour of the facility to educate those unaware of the prosperity regarding the Lucky Clays Fresh Aquaponics operation. Aquaponics is a system for farming fish and plants together, raising fish while growing plants.The fish produce waste that fertilizes the plants and the plants then absorb the nutrients and purify the water for the fish. The man-made water system recycles 99.5% of its water making the process not only efficient, but environmentally friendly. The pioneered technique has been so successful that Lucky Clays is in the works of building a larger facility which will produce 20 tons of fish, 4 tons of shrimp, and 320,000 units of produce per year. The harvesting of the fish, vegetables, and herbs are intended for restaurants, bringing fresh and organic produce to the local Charlotte community. As the customer base grows, Lucky Clays continues to educate others on the strength nature holds to produce wholesome food that truly nourishes our bodies.

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